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I was a little skeptical of the oils at first. While I was in KC for Thanksgiving, I went to a little ‘What are essential oils’ get-together that Emily was hosting. After hearing her story of how allergies and sickness are nearly non existent in their family of 8 any more, and the story of her friend Jeanna, who was on like 15 prescriptions medications for her autoimmune disease and now only has 1, I was sold.

I don’t have and autoimmune disease but I was super interested in the preventive aspect of the oils. That AND my 10month old wasn’t sleeping and I was ready to try anything.

They passed a bunch of oils around for us to try & smell and they smelled amazing. I had a headache and when they talked about peppermint oil and how it was good for headaches, I took some and rubbed it on my temples. My headache was INSTANTLY gone. I can be a skeptic about things and I really need to see it to believe it so that was amazing for me.

I ordered the Premium Starter Kit because you get to try 11 different everyday oils AND you get a free diffuser. Since I have gotten the oils, I use at least 6 different oils everyday. Some I diffuse like Peace & Calming, Thieves, and Lavender. There are others that I take with water like Lemon and Orange. I use Joy and Ylang Ylang as a perfume (it has a ton of great benefits besides smelling AMAZING). I use PanAway on my sore muscles, Valor on my wrists for concentration and focus for myself and Bailey and Stress Away on my wrists for, well, stress. Lavender goes on the bottom of the girls feet before bed and on their pillows. Thieves goes on the feet too to keep sickness at bay.

For Purification, I rub it on my neck if I am feeling sick. I have a great story about that oil actually. I shared it on Instagram, but in case you didn’t read it:

My friend said that after church, her son was complaining about his ears hurting really bad and he was not acting like himself. I told her to come over and I let her use the Purification oil. She rubbed it on the outside of his ear/neck area and made an appointment for the Dr. the next day. The Dr. said that it was already draining and he didn’t need an antibiotic. After 1 day. The little boy,who is 2, said, “Mommy. I like when you rub that stuff on my neck”. So cute.


There are so many great resources out there on the oils. Emily’s blog helped me a lot too.

Here are a few links for more you:

Oils Reference Guide

101 ways to use the everyday oils

Baby steps to essential oils


Here is what I would do if you are interested:

If I were you, I would get the premium starter kit. It comes with 11 different oils, samples, a ton of information AND a home diffuser. Here is how to order them.


2. If you go with the DISTRIBUTOR button then you get the wholesale discount. You do NOT have to sell a thing and can opt out of emails.

3. Enter #1579396 for both enroller AND sponsor ID’s

4. Fill out your info

5. Select your kit (premium starter kit is the best value-you get a free diffuser which is worth 98$ itself. The oils you get in the kit are 169$ by themselves. You do the math.

6. You can say NO to the essential rewards. It’s like a monthly autoship. You can always say yes to that later if you want.

7. Add whatever else you want to your order.

8. Wait a week or so and pay your credit card bill. 9. Get your oils be mad you didn’t order it years ago. It comes with a ton of great info on how to use them!

If you are anything like me then you love to learn about things and you love info. If not, and the links all seem overwhelming then just check out Emily’s blog and the Baby steps to Essential oils link.
I also place an order each month so if you just want to try an oil or 2 then you can add it to my next order in February and I’ll get it to you once it ships to me that way you can get my wholesale discount. If you just sign up as a customer then you do  not get the wholesale discount but you can order as you like!
I hope this wasn’t overwhelming. Please email me if you have any questions. I am learning so much about them too but have had a beautiful experience so far.
One more thing. You may be asking why you can’t just buy them at WholeFoods or from another well known oil company. In the US, to be labeled pure, they only have to be 5% pure. That sucks. Young Living does a thing called Seed to Seal so everything from the soil they plant in to when they seal it, they are organic and 100% therapeutic grade. I would never ingest the oils at wholeFoods. I would with Young Living. I love that they also do 3rd party testing.
Okay. That’s it.
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