Essential Oils


with these essential oils!

Why didn’t anyone tell me about them years ago?

I’m sure someone probably did but since I am a late adaptor, it took me a few years to get on board.

I recently ordered the Premium Starter kit from Young Living and have NOT been disappointed at all.

If you want to check out what the oils are all about then go to . There are also so many great blogs out there where folks share how they use the oils everyday to help cure everything from PMS, bruises, allergies, asthmas, insomnia, RLS, depression and acne. They are really amazing.

If you want to just try a few oils then email me and I will add them to my next order which ships on Christmas. OR you can just order yourself!

Here is how:


2. If you click the DISTRIBUTOR button then you get the wholesale discount. You does NOT have to sell a thing and can opt out of emails.

3. Enter #1579396 for both enroller AND sponsor ID’s

4. Fill out your info

5. Select your kit (premium starter kit is the best value-you get a free diffuser which is worth 98$ itself. The oils you get in the kit are 169$ by themselves. You do the math.

6. You can say NO to the essential rewards. It’s like a monthly autoship. You can always say yes to that later if you want.

7. Add whatever else you want to your order.

8. Wait a week or so and pay your credit card bill.

9. Get your oils and be mad you didn’t order it years ago.

It comes with a ton of great info on how to use them too!




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