The skate park



The baby and I just went to the skate park.

I never thought I would start a sentence with that statement and NO, we did not skate. I am sure folks would not like to see me baby wearing while skateboarding….or just skateboarding by itself.

The weather was perfect, the sun was setting and there were a few dudes out on their boards.

I learned so much from those guys.

Those dudes busted their tails like no other. In front of each other. A lot. Like over and over again. When the first guy fell, I kinda felt bad for him. I mean, he tried to do a jump (or whatever you call it..maybe a trick?) and the board was not underneath his feet when he landed. I mean, not at all. Did he give up and go home?


He dropped a few f bombs, grabbed his board and tried again.

And again.

And again.

He finally did nail that trick. Then he took a pic of his board with the sunset behind it. Then instagrammed it (I heard him say he was gonna instagram it). Then he tried to do a harder trick.

All of them did this. F bombs, phone, fail, try again, phone, f bomb, repeat.

I like those guys.

I guess that’s what I need to do when I mess up with something I am trying hard to accomplish.

Drop an F bomb and try again.


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