2 months ago..


2 months already!!!

I cannot believe that I  birthed a baby in a jacuzzi tub. It is quite crazy really. I get really confused when people say things like, “I could of never done that!’ or “you are such a strong woman’ or any other ridiculous comment alluding to that idea that I am some super woman because


When I was just a few weeks along, I talked to a friend who had a natural birth with her first. She kept saying silly things like, “it was the greatest 3 hours of my life’ and “i can’t wait to labour again’. I honestly thought K. was out of her mind saying things like that. I remembered my first birth experience and how scared to death I was and the episiotomy, piton, epidural and threats of a c-section if I didn’t get her out in 4 pushes (I got her out in 4 pushes by the way).

That conversation led me on a journey to find out if other woman felt the same way as K or if any one else had a positive birth experience. I then watched The Business of Being Born and cried through it because I had the exact experience with my first as they talked about in the documentary. I then found some books by Ina May Gaskin and checked out my local birth center, went to a ‘come check us out’ meeting on a Tuesday night and signed up to have my baby there.

It was by far one of the best things I have done in my life and you better believe that if I have another little wonton that it will be via water in that same jacuzzi tub.

I thought all those natural birth havin, placenta eating, cloth diapering hippies were crazy. I am no crazy hippie, although, upon educating my self on placenta encapsulation, I do recommend that and take mine daily :), and I do cloth diaper my baby but that is besides the point.

I am so passionate about birth and the whole process. If you ever have questions then please email me! I am no expert but have had both experiences and before researching, would have NEVER signed up for a drug free birth.

It makes me so sad when women say things like, “Oh, I’ll just have them cut me open’ or ‘I’m gonna scheduled my c-section’ without any research at all. Please educate yourself on both options before you make the decision for your birth!

Okay. I am gonna step off my soapbox and clean the living room. Happy Monday!!


One thought on “2 months ago..

  1. You are a super woman! In fact, I am too, but I had to have a c-section because my lil nugget wanted to sit breech, changing my plans of a natural birth. But, at the end of the day I held my little son in my arms. And melted. So when people tell you that you’re a strong woman, you really ought to say, “I know, right?” 🙂 How I see it, if a woman can grow, carry and deliver another human being, well, we are all AMAZING!!! 😉

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