We have had such a blast over at Instagram lately. An IG (instagram) friend suggested that Bailey have an advice column and so she does. I’ve decided to post the most hilarious answer on IG and the rest of the questions/answers on the blog. So here are the rest of the questions:

@galeano3~What’s a good gift for a friend? a heart necklace

@marymuses~Why does my baby smell like feet when she’s in the hospital? uhhh..cuz..i don’t know. wait.wait.wiat. I got it. Cuz the hospital is stinky

@kaleagreen1309~Who is your favourite Disney princess and why? Cinderella cuz she’s pretty

@alicecalvery~What is your most embarrassing moment? when I peed on the couch at the birth center

@cocobleuphoto~I am pregnant with my 4th baby and she’s now 2 days overdue. Any advice to help get her out tomorrow for her 2yr old sisters bday? go to the birth center and start pushing

@shinaie~How do you potty train an almost 3yr old boy? tape him to the pot

@misssarah13~I want to get my 7 month old baby a gift that is very special and hopefully he will love forever..what should i give him? Is it a boy or girl..If its a girl id say a necklace. If its a boy, id say a superman toy

@stevienorah~What would be a good birthday party to celebrate turning one? Dora

@nahnahbeth~What toy should I buy my 9month old? elmo little baby slippers

@tessabean~Why does my son always like to poop in the tub? AND why does my husband always leave his dirty dishes everywhere? cuz its fun for him and he doesn’t have to poop in the toilet

@kimpeckam~How old should my daughter be before i let her get married and why is that the best age? 21 cuz thats how old husbands want you to be

@sillover~Why didn’t my baby want to drink my milk after we went for a walk? Do you think it was because I was too sweaty and stinky? YEP

@melissahazlip~How should wives dress for their husbands? with a pretty dress and leggings

@cindywindsor1~I teach 6th graders..What do you think all those girls are writing in all those notes they are passing in my class? about life and Justin Beiber

@jacqelynslife~How old will you be when you marry my son Liam? AHHHH!!! 26.

@hannahxholmes~How do you know you love someone? You will feel amazing

@arz3~What will you do when you are famous? go on lots of trips to Missouri, North Carolina and Florida and every country


3 thoughts on “#baileyswisdom

  1. I knew it! The Biebs is way cooler than solids, liquids and gases. I can’t compete with that hair!

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