Funny little hat


Ya know, what is the point in having children if you can’t dress them up with funny hats and such.

I didn’t know what to do for her monthly photos so I took them a bunch of different ways. She is actually 5 weeks old now and it makes me quite sad. I recently was thinking about having more children. Thinking about what life would be like if we had a little boy. How crazy would THAT be. I don’t know much about trains and bob the builder and how to wipe a baby boy but I guess if I had one then I would learn. Until then, I am gonna enjoy all the pink and the dolls and watching Pinky Dinky Doo (great show by the way).

PS. Are you on Instagram? It’s my favourite. Find me @brechang.


3 thoughts on “Funny little hat

  1. I always forget people blog. Having a boy after two girls is quite different, but I love it. For the first couple days he was peeing out the side of a fresh diaper while still on the changing pad. I was so confused. Then my husband gave me some man knowledge, always point “it” down in the diaper.

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