Birth story!!!


So…This pic was in between contractions on the 18th of January. Little did I know that 5hrs later, I would birth a darling little wonton (I really didn’t birth an actual wonton for those who take my words literal).

I went in Friday the 18th for my weekly appointment at the birth center. I was 40weeks +5 days pregnant. I asked my midwife to do a membrane sweep (google it if you are wondering…oh..and it didn’t hurt at all! folks were trying to scare me about how bad it hurt..I didn’t feel a thing) because I did NOT want to go to 42 weeks (at that point, I would have to go to the hospital and be induced..things I did NOT want to do).

I bought a labor stimulation kit while at the birth center. It was a bunch of tinctures and herbal goodness along with castor oil and herbal laxatives. Here is how it all went down:

12:00~took 20 herbal laxatives as directed (yes. 20)

1:00~started the 4hr process of:

1.take tincture #1

2. breast pump for 15 minutes

3. take pill #1 after done pumping

4. take 15 minute break

5.take tincture #2

6.rub castor oil with rosemary oil on belly. put hot rag on belly. rub belly for 15 minutes

7.take pill #2

8. 15 minute break

rinse and repeat for 4 hours.

At 4:45pm, I started having contractions about every minute for a minute. They were pretty strong and I had to gently take the pump off during each contraction so I could lay on the floor and do my breathing. At around 6:00, my Prince came home from work and I told him that I think this might be it but just to be sure, I took a nice warm shower to see if the contractions would go away. They didn’t.

At 6:30ish, I called my midwife and told her that I thought I was in labour but wasn’t sure. She told me that it sounded like I was and to come into the birth center. I honestly didn’t want to because I was for sure it was a false alarm and I didn’t want to be at the birth center too early. I waited another half an hour and then had hubs pack our bag so we could go (no. my bags weren’t packed. I absolutely hate packing too early. When I did my school which consisted of 3months in Hawaii and 2 months in Cambodia, I packed the hours before we left for the airport. That’s how I roll. I have never forgotten anything major too:)

7:10ish, Prince Charming was driving like a Grandma being so careful to not hit any bumps in the road (just like I told him earlier in the pregnancy) BUT when you take 20 herbal laxatives 7 hours before (and I did NOT want another Chipotle incident) things start happening fast in the gut. I told him nicely to drive how he normally drives.

We got to the birth center around 7:30 and I ran in as fast as I could. The midwives had a look on their face as if I was crowing but I let them know quickly to get out of my way because I needed a toilet. asap.

I got to my room and it was like something out of a spa. The lights were dimly lit, there was quiet music was perfect. Quite different then my first hospital birth. I labored for about an hour before I got into the jacuzzi tub. Active labour started about 8:30pm and I stayed in the tub for the rest of the birth.

It was the most intense experience I have EVER gone through. I didn’t have a doula but a darling 5 yr old who was by my side the entire time and who got to help cut the cord with my amazing Prince who held me the whole time (I think I almost choked him several times). My wonderful sister in law was also there taking pictures the whole time (which I have yet to see!). It was perfect.

The midwife and birth assistant let my body birth the baby. There was no ‘delivery’ that night. I remember hearing myself saying things like: ‘I can’t wait for this to be a memory’ and ‘I can’t do this’ but those words were rebuked with ‘You ARE doing this’ and ‘You are almost there!’

It was so powerful.

At 11:36, Eleanor Shu came into our world (weighing 7lbs 12oz & 21”) via the awesome jacuzzi tub. They put her quickly on my chest and I became a mother of 2 girls. They let the cord stop pulsing before my loves cut it.

We rested a bit and headed home about 4hours later.

Yes. I got my placenta encapsulated and am so glad I did.

Yes. I pooped in the tub (you take 20 laxatives and then push for 3 hours and try not to poop)

Yes. I would absolutely have a water birth again.

Yes. I have the cutest babies ever.

bailey:baby cute hat glasses tinga


6 thoughts on “Birth story!!!

  1. What a beautiful story! I am happy that you got your waterbirth experience! Isn’t it amazing, there are just no words to describe it. And don’t worry, I pooped in the tub this last time too! Poopers unite!

  2. Oh my, Bre…Congrats to you and your hubby!!! The girls are absolutely gorgeous and I love the new bundle’s name!!! Congrats again!!!!!!

  3. I’ve been creeping around your blog all morning. (I also follow ur ig.) There’s something about you that just makes me wish we could get together and that we were friends. Umm what made you decide to have a water birth? Do you feel like the water made a lot of difference? I gave birth naturally 8 mos ago, in a hospital tho, no water. :/ Maybe next time.

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