Moving again..


With a little one on the way, it is pretty fitting that we we move.  Not sure when {end of Dec/early Jan} and not sure where but it’s happening. It’s really hard to be 7 months pregnant and not have a baby room to decorate..let’s be honest, it’s hard to be 7 months pregnant WITH a baby room to decorate but I am trying my hardest to be thankful for this apartment that we live in. Even my email from BabyCenter today told me that I need to be assembling a crib and car seat and we have not those things. I just want to have a little home and put up a little crib for her and get a little vintage rug and hang little thrifted dresses on little wooden hangers but that’s not my reality.

I am in the midst of getting rid of stuff, in between naps and heating up my heating pad for my back that is killing me, and playing ‘birth’ with a super cute 4yr old. {Everyday. All she wants to play is birth.  She wants to be a midwife. So I have to push and breathe and have a baby. And no. I can’t rush this process. I have to dilate, crown and deliver the afterbirth. She has been watching WAY too many birth movies with me 🙂 } I must admit that I haven’t had the best attitude these 7 months. I have not felt like myself at all. For pete’s sake, I have gone to Taco Bell 4 times!!


I hate Taco Bell. It’s quite crazy how pregnancy works. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world and other days, simply rolling over seems like the biggest chore. But I remember feeling like that some days when I wasn’t pregnant. I guess it’s just life.

How are you doing?




4 thoughts on “Moving again..

  1. Bre,
    I am so thankful you are back to Blogging! I always LOVE what you have to say. I pray for comfort the last few months of your pregnancy. Love from Nova Scotia 🙂

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