Remember me?

Oh hey. Remember me.

Well, I remember you.

Last time we hung out I was a bit pregnant but as you can see, I have gained a few since then. I have also managed to turn 30yrs old.

C R A Z Y.

I don’ t know what in the world is happening with life. One minute, I am wanting to be a nurse, then I wind up in Cambodia, then I move to the East Coast, get married, have a kid, go to dental hygiene school, fail out, get divorced, move a bunch a of times, go broke, meet a Prince, elope, go to Italy, move again and now ya have what is left of that gal. A tired & 29 week pregnant momma who doesn’t remember when she last showered.

Yep. That is life. That is my life. I wouldn’t change it for anything….well,….nah. I wouldn’t.

I am going to try and get back to the blogging world as I really have felt the loss of a creative outlet and I really need it. I think. We will see how it goes. This pregnancy has seemed to be a bit more demanding than the first. I am constantly worn out and my back feels like it is broken. I have struggled with depression like no other and have absolutely zero motivation for anything. I mean, I haven’t even mustered up the effort to get on Pinterest in MONTHS! You know it’s bad when looking at Pinterest is a chore.

I did, however, manage to get on last night and I saw this super cute tree thing that I used as inspiration for my own tree. I took Bailey outside and we managed to find some great branches which I hammered into the wall. A few bucks for some lights at Target and some yarn to tie little things we had around the house and BAM. We have a Christmas tree. I am not a big holiday decorator…I don’t decorate for holiday’s at all..but there has got to be some sort of tree but that is where I draw the line. No little snowmen and nativity sets around this home. Sorry folks. You can bust out the rubber maids of holiday decoration all you want. Go for it. I won’t be mad.

Okay. I need to eat a cookie and get in my bed. It’s nice to be back.



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