Times have changed


I think I have lost my mind {or maybe I have just found it}.

Pregnancy can drive a woman to do some crazy things {like getting out of bed to go to Taco Bell or eating an entire jar of orange cheese dip or taking pictures of themselves like the one below and posting it for the world to see}. I was asked many time, while pregnant with my now 4 yr old, if I was going to have a non-medicated birth. I remember going in to see my Obgyn and telling him that I wanted a natural birth. What I meant by this is that I didn’t want a C-section. My OB went on to tell me how ridiculous it was to not have epidural and how I should be able to relax and ‘enjoy’ the laboring process and that how going through that pain was pretty much barbaric. I gazed into his sweet eyes and agreed.

Let’s fast forward nearly 5 years later to last night as I {and husband + Bailey} were at the information meeting at the Natural Birth Center and I was asking about placenta encapsulation and wondering which birthing pool I was going to use.

What happened to me.

I know.

I was educated properly on childbirth. I read a few books, watched a few documentaries and talked to many women who have gone through this process. I’ve realized that childbirth isn’t a problem that doctors need to cure. It is a beautiful process that women have been going through {for a few years} and it is AWESOME!

I know it is gonna hurt {so does getting a brazillian wax and I do that regularly} but I gladly welcome the pain for the process. I wouldn’t trade the painful experiences that I have been through for anything for they have made me who I am today. The meeting last night got me so excited for pushing this baby out {and THAT is crazy. who really wants to push a person out of their giblets..i do!}. It was so empowering and encouraging.

I highly recommend {to all my fellow pregnant folks} to just look up a natural birth center in your area. Go to an information meeting. It was such a different experience that what I had the first time around with a medicated hospital birth. I was scared first time around but this time, I feel like I can do this. Like I was made to do this.

My life is changing. I am changing. And I will be getting my placenta in pill form {wow. I have lost it}. I have done a lot of research on it and have heard nothing but great things about it. I know. I know. Gross huh. Well, do you eat meat? Have you had sushi? Do you eat processed foods? Well, I will gladly take a nutrient rich pill thank you.

And the above picture was part of my outfit of the day. I had to go thrifting for some new big girl jeans 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Times have changed

  1. Ha! I loved reading this. Birth IS a beautiful miracle. So happy for you that you’re going the natural route! I had my son this way and am so grateful! The process was amazing from beginning to end, and I was able to fully embrace the experience because I was alert and in tune with my body. Gotta give credit to my doula who was an absolute godsend. She helped me redirect the “pressure” from allowing it to overtake me with fear and instead use it to progress my baby to birth. Aaaamazing. You’ll do great! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Happy For you. I had a midwive 28 years ago. Glad I did it but as you see I only have one child. Breathe.

  3. I found you through Instagram, and you are so right, I had a similar experience with my first child. Wanted a natural birth hit was not educated enough to not follow their “rules”. The second time, I had a beautiful water birth at home. It was such an amazing experience. I just had my third daughter (we are very fertile) this past Sunday morning at home again, just equally amazingly at home. You will love your experience, good for you for educating yourself!

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