I am 16 weeks pregnant now. I got a Thai massage today because my whole body feels wrecked. I feel so different this pregnancy than the first time around. I am BEYOND tired and my body is hating me. I have only gained 2lbs since before pregnancy but I can’t even put on my regular pants. When I was pregnant with Bailey, I could wear my skinny jeans up until the 9th month (I couldn’t zip them of course) but for some reason, my legs and rear have been distorted. It is quite annoying. I told Bailey that I was just going to wear my undies all the time but even those are too small :(. I know, I am being a brat. I feel good besides that. No nausea. Just total body pain.

I am going through a really interesting season of life. I don’t know what I would call it. I mean, I know I am pregnant and all over the place mentally but something else is happening. I will be 30 next month (EEEKKKK!!!!!) and maybe I am just processing what that means to me. (It is a HUGE deal if you didn’t know). I am just doing a little pondering of my purpose and positioning my heart for whatever the Lord has next!

I really want to take a trip (haha). I am looking to go to Seattle next month!!!! I can’t wait!


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