13 weeks

Yup. I am 13 weeks along. I feel pretty good. I am not really sick anymore but just SUPER tired and by body feels like it has been running a few marathons. My legs are so sore as I am carrying all of this additional weight (3 lbs. who knew how exhausting that could be). I have been eating a lot healthier although I still do want my processed cheese and candy.

I just got a body pillow in the mail today thanks to my Prince. Sleeping has been a bit rough too. Womp womp. Someone the other day asked how much longer I had…..that is always a depressing question. I told him 6months and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

We leave in a few days for our Babymoon! I can’t wait to take my 14week picture in _______!! I leave for NYC on Wed and am super excited about interviewing with a major maternity agency there. Wish me luck! Hopefully baby Chang can pay for itself to come out. Its gotta earn its keep. Cost of living is expensive out here.

I am really pumped to shoot with a favorite photographer next month! I am trying to think of some fun ideas..I was thinking doing the little heart with my hands over my belly or doing one of those shots where the hubs and wife and both naked and he is holding her boobies. I’ll have to ask my Prince.

I am thinking about getting back into Bikram yoga since my body is killing me. Or Muay Thai. I think I’ll do Bikram.



6 thoughts on “13 weeks

  1. I love your sense of humor!!! I think you should be take a photo on china town with barry doing the heart and bailey laying across your chest. Yep.
    I love you!! You are beautifull.

  2. Bre!!! I was missing you and popped in to see what you’re up to an saw your exciting news- CONGRATS! Bailey is going to be the best big sister- so excited for you and your fam! Can’t wait to read more updates about Baby Chang! xo, Ann

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