12 weeks. 2nd trimester. Blah.

I am officially done with the first trimester and that makes me so happy. I don’t remember what I felt like when I was pregnant with Bailey but this time around, I have been nothing but exhausted { minus 1 good week}. The past few days have not been so great as I have binge eating {mostly Tostitos nacho cheese dip with Mrs.Renfros jalepenos…and ice cream.and..} and feeling so depressed. I cried like a baby yesterday for no reason at all. I mean, I cried all day. I felt like the weight of the world was crashing down on me. It was such a terrible feeling. I have never dealt with depression and let me tell you: it is terrible. It feels so out of control.

I am hoping that it was the jar{s} of processed cheese that made me feel depressed. I am gonna have to punch my cravings in the stomach and start eating healthy stuff {pizza rolls sound good….ooooo…hot pockets..mmm}.

I am at 122lbs for a +2lb weight gain! We had a scare this week and I rushed to the Dr. but everything was fine. I heard the little 160 beats per minute and thanked the Lord for another day of being pregnant.

I am kinda really not loving where we live at all. I feel so alone. We don’t have a community, we are still looking for a church and frankly, this area is just hard. I am dreaming of a KC, San Fran, Dallas {yes, I would consider TX..crazy}, Seattle, Nashville….Who knows where we will end up.

Sorry for the blah post. Lots of blah goin on in this hormonal preggo lady. Oh. Did I mention that July is my least favourite month? {cue tears}.

In other news, 9 days till the Prince and I head off to our Babymoon. I can’t tell you where but it’s a pretty great place.

Tell me something good.


2 thoughts on “12 weeks. 2nd trimester. Blah.

  1. Sorry you’re feeling kinda in the dumps 😦 I’ve definately been there and definately feel your pain with living in a place you don’t want to. My suggestion: move to Seattle so one day I can be near you!

  2. You are experiencing normal things, right? Depression is something your body might do when it’s pissed about this intruder on your gut, right? Your story is so amazing. This is the in-between part, remember. The summer droned on and on, but little did she know…

    I love you friend. I know that things are going to work out exquisitely better than you could ever hope or dream. Can’t wait to hear about your big ol trip. (oh…and Nashville, duh).

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