10 weeks

How do you feel? Today has been the first day that I actually felt good. I felt pretty normal today. This past week, I have felt okay. I started drinking this green Vibrant Health stuff and it has made me feel great!

How much do you weigh? I am still at 120. +0 gain since week 9.

What have you been craving this week? RAMEN NOODLES! I know. Leave me alone. Oh, and I have been dying for peach jolly ranchers. My husband is amazing and finally found me some. AND ice cream sandwiches. And Strawberry shortcake. AND Papa John’s pizza (which I am about to order). MUST.STOP.TALKING.ABOUT.FOOD

Any food that you can’t stand? Chipotle. Eggs.

Have you done anything crazy in the name of being pregnant? How did you know?! I may or may not have gotten out of bed (after sleeping for 1.5hrs) and drove my butt to Taco Bell (WHICH I absolutely hate and don’t believe in AT ALL). I got a soft taco and a mexi-melt and it was the best thing EVER!

Have you thought of any names? This week I really like the name Milly for a girl and Oliver for a boy.

Is there anything that you miss? I really miss Bikram yoga. I cannot wait to go back.

How is sleeping? It’s been okay. We switched sides in the bed so that I can get up and go to the bathroom in the night without opening my eyes. I am so much closer to the pot and I love it.

Anything else you would like to know? Are you pregnant? I would love to hear the answers to these questions if you are!


2 thoughts on “10 weeks

  1. Cool post! Here’s my take on it…

    How do you feel? “Very bloated, overweight, and ready to get this baby out of me! I feel like I am literally walking around with a bowling ball in my belly. But, I’m also anxious and happy, too.”

    How much do you weigh? “Ugh, why do you have to remind me! I just lost most of my baby weight and here it is back again but worse…(with my head down) 170. It’s maybe not a lot to some but 25 pounds more than my usual and I still have about 2 months to go 😦 ”

    What have you been craving this week? “Lately all I have been craving is a good old piece of New York cheesecake. Even though I always really liked those…”

    Any food that you can’t stand? “Unfortunately, no. I guess there’s some things I should stay away from but it hasn’t been too easy for me…(I’m not too proud of myself right now).”

    Have you done anything crazy in the name of being pregnant? “Done? Not that I can think of. But daydreamed about…you don’t even want to know (again, I’m not too proud of myself).”

    Have you thought of any names? “Being that this is my third boy, I feel like I am all out of names! Whatever comes out during labor is going to have to be it…”

    Is there anything that you miss? “Yes! My body! I just feel so huge even though everyone claims that I am carrying so small.”

    How is sleeping? “Actually, I agree with you on this one. It hasn’t been the best feeling having something turning to the side every time I do and learning to adjust to sleeping on my side but…hey, it could be A LOT worse!”

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