9 weeks

How do you feel? Beyond tired. I also feel like blah most of the day. No throwing up though!

How much do you weigh? 120lbs

What do you want to eat this week? Most of the time just jolly ranchers and ice water with lemon. I crave asian food (crab rangoon!!) and today I almost considered Taco Bell (YUCK). With Bailey, all I wanted was Chipotle but now it sounds gross. I was dying for box mac & cheese this week and it hit the spot. I am eating a lot of fruit, pickles and ice cream too.

Have you purchased maternity clothes? NO WAY! I will wear elastic skirts like the one above all summer long. I will probably buy one pair of maternity jeans later down the line but I rather just make what I have work or buy bigger stuff. I WILL buy a  maternity bra soon though. Those things are life savers.

How is sleeping? I get up every night to go the bathroom already. It’s annoying but it better than going in the bed 🙂 I just started using a body pillow and it makes nights so much better.

Do you want to deliver in a hospital with epidural like you did with your first? I have been doing TONS of research and I really want a home birth! Pretty sure my body was made to do this. I would love to hear folks birth stories though. Among the few folks that I have talked to that had home births, I have heard nothing but positive things. It is so encouraging.

This is all I can think of for now. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I will get these updates a bit more organized. What questions would you like answered?


6 thoughts on “9 weeks

  1. 1) same here. almost exactly.
    2) I ate McD’s for the first time in probably 12 years and it tasted so good. tried the boxed mac n’ cheese for breakfast one morning and it ended badly. every trip to the grocery store makes me want to hurl.
    3) teach me your ways of not wearing maternity. I have one stretchy waisted skirt and I’ve been wearing it every day. must find more. what do maternity bras do for us?
    4) I can’t function without my body pillow. and I pee all night (not in the bed).
    5) I dream about a home birth but I’m too scared. maybe if this one goes well in the hospital with my amazing midwives I’ll be brave enough to do it at home in a few years?
    6) I’m going to have to go public soon so I can blog like this. love yours!

    • Love this Bethany!! I got OUT of bed last night to go to TACO BELL!!! I hate taco bell! It was so good! I hate the grocery store. I just want to eat out everyday. I thrift all of my clothes and love the elastic skirts (like the one in the picture). I love maxi skirts too! Are you showing already? Make sure to wear fitted clothes. I think a lot of pregnant women feel big so they wear big clothes which just makes them look bigger! I’ll email you because this response is just gonna be too long!

  2. Oh girl! I am in love with this photo! You are going to do GREAT with the pregnancy. I can’t wait to hear more and more about what this one is like. 🙂

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