I felt like I wasted the day. Before I knew it, my husband was coming home, the dishes were still in the sink and I hadn’t thought about what I was gonna make for dinner. My mug was still out from the afternoon’s bit of deliciousness and I hadn’t yet sent out the emails for the day.

This has been happening a lot lately. Feeling like I am not accomplishing anything important is becoming the norm. Then I thought about my ‘wasted’ week.

Monday~ Take kid to school, rush home, change, drive to Baltimore for audition, Bikram, get kid, dinner, done.

Tuesday~Take kid to school, go by best buddies house{whom I haven’t seen in forever} and wake her up, go to lunch with buddy, come back for espresso, go to Bikram, grocery store, make dinner, hang with hubs, done.

Wednesday~Have breakfast alone with hubby, go to Bikram, pick up kid, post office, go to 3 stores to try and find french press/chemex, see an old friend and talk about life and business for a long time, go to another store to find coffee paraphernalia, do dishes, eat super late lunch, record Bailey’s tutorials, wait for Prince to come home, blog this…

I guess my week isn’t as ‘wasted’ as I thought. I wonder if you stay-at-home mom’s feel like that. Like you just wasted your day because it is now 5:00 and you don’t have much ‘proof’ to show for the days work. Why do we feel like that? I took care of my body {which in turn helps my family..okay, my husband;)}, created beautiful flavors in the kitchen, connected with great women, loved on my daughter {okay, and husband}, did some laundry, cleaned the house and auditioned for a great booking. I had a full week. Enough of those feelings of inadequacy because I wasn’t at a 9-5 job.


Oh, and we had a breakfast picnic on Sunday. BAM!


One thought on “Inadequacy

  1. I can COMPLETELY relate to this! Seriously – I feel like on days that I don’t edit and blog a lot of pictures, that I did nothing, even if I spent the entire day writing emails to clients and doing my taxes, I feel like if I have nothing tangible to show for it, I wasted the day. Working from home is hard, it’s hard to find discipline! But it sounds like you had a full, productive week, even if it wasn’t the certain kind of “productive” you were looking for 🙂

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