2yr Anniversary!!

Today marks the 2yr anniversary of my first blog post! I cannot believe that I started this journey that long ago. I can almost remember typing those first words and finding that first picture. I remember the chaos that surrounded my life and the overwhelming feelings of both hope and hopelessness. Life is absolutely crazy. It can be extremely painful and unbelievably exciting. I cannot believe all that transpired in the 2yrs that I have been documenting my journey. My heart is beyond thankful that the LORD would even consider to look upon my little life and and be gracious & merciful to me. I am blown away. I am blown away with where the LORD has allowed my soul to go even in this past year. Today, I am not the same soul who started this little mess of a blog. I have been through hell but I am the better for it. I look confidently at the next 2 years, knowing that pain and sorrow, joy and excitement stand before me. With those same eyes, I look at the next 2yrs knowing how faithful the LORD has been to me. The LORD is up to so much good, and I have tasted but a morsel of that goodness.

Thank YOU so much for being a part of my journey. For your prayers, letters, help, shelter and love. My prayer for this blog has been, and will always be, that my heart would be open and honest with you {I mean, I did share about the time that I crapped my pants! How much more honest can I be?} with where I am in life. I hope that you will be able to, at some point in your journey, relate to my struggle and that my story would somehow help you. I know that my story isn’t just for me and your story isn’t just for you. We were not made to do this thing called ‘life’ alone.

That’s enough. I need a cupcake or something to celebrate!


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