{Photographer? Nope..she is using a kit lens}

I recently has the most interesting conversation with my wonderful husband {which made me want to pop him}. I asked him what he thought it takes for someone to call themselves a ‘Photographer’. The summary of what he said was that you must do photography everyday and support yourself financially from it.

Then I asked him if he would, then, consider me a model. Do you know what he said?!

This man said that he TELLS people that I am ‘Part time model

{Please take the few minutes to click on the link and then have a few laughs}.


I politely told him to never ever tell people that. THEN..this man, that I am bound to, says that he ALSO tells people that I am ALSO a part time actress and model for locally owned small businesses.

This is when I seriously wanted to pop him but I told him to NEVER EVER tell people that.

So, this conversation led me to wonder: What must one do in order to call themselves a ‘photographer’ or ‘model’ or ‘actor’. Do you have to fully be able to support yourself? What if you are a ‘bad’ photographer but still make money? What if you work one acting job a year and make enough in that job that you spend most of your time cooking or traveling..does that take away from you being an actor since you don’t do it everyday? What if you go to photography school, have invested in equipment, yet do another job full-time..does that make you a ‘part-time’ photographer?

I am dying to hear what you have to say…What do YOU think it takes for someone to be able to call themselves a ‘Photographer’?


7 thoughts on “Photographer?..

  1. Maybe “photographer” is too general – do you mean a “professional photographer” or “amateur photographer”… The husband is clearly referring to a professional. You would probably be classified as an amateur… 🙂 And I might have to agree with him that you are a “part time model” – well, you only do it part of the time! It doesn’t make you any more or less a model.

  2. I agree with the person above in reference to the “amateur photographer” title. I think you in particular are a model whether you do it part-time or not. That is how I see you because you are getting paid. It is your profession.

  3. Some people think that instagram qualifies them as a photographer or putting a logo on a bad photo makes them a business owner. I agree with above , there is a difference between amateur and professional – just so many amateurs are trying to pass themselves off as professionals- but its a mistake to call them professional even if they do it as a profession. I say people earn how to use your camera in MANUAL WELL knowing what your camera can do inside and out and that will be the biggest step from amateur to professional these days (coming from a old school film shooter 😛 )

  4. I totally agree with the above comments! For six months after I graduated photography school, I worked a part-time job to make ends meet as I built my business. I never told people I was a part-time photographer, I just said “I’m a photographer” and also happened to be working a part-time job on the side. Once I quit and went full time with photography, I just kept saying, “I’m a photographer” – it didn’t change. I agree that I call you a MODEL and not a part-time model (that video was hilarious by the way!) – I think no matter how often you do it, if you do it and OTHER people consider it something you do, too, I think you can call yourself that. I think if I were the only person to call myself a photographer, no one would believe me because no one else says I am, but since other people identify me as that, regardless of how much or little or how often I get paid, then I can call myself that. I think that is the difference between an amateur and a professional.

  5. I love that you know that song!! Reason # 120949504000010292939 that we are friends. And Aaron would agree with everything above. I agree with him. You are a model.

  6. I got caught up on labels for so long that it kept me from seriously practicing my hobby of photography or believing that I could make money doing it. When I met my husband (a real, legit photographer by my standards), he showed me how dumb it was to rate my ability lower just because I didn’t have good equipment or I didn’t make money from pictures. This freed me to think openly about what I was capable of in terms of art and now, as his second shooter, I call myself a photographer because it’s my only occupation and it’s how I contribute to the family income.

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