March trade!!

In January we did a little mug trade.

February was the month of the treat trade.

March. Oh sweet March. I realize that we are nearly in the middle of the month but life happens. Here is the trade for March. If you don’t send me something then I am gonna be really mad.


Since I can’t paint our place, I must come up with creative ways to not have blank white walls. For my daughter’s room, I have decided to do the alphabet all over her room. I have it planned….now, I just need a few key letters.

I realize that I multiples of certain letters and I am okay with that. I do need the following:

A, F, G, I, J, M, V, X, Z

Send a letter of any size, shape & condition and I will send you one of my mugs, scarves or plates. In the box, please specify which one you want!

Oh, and if you send a letter that I already have then I am okay with that too!

Okay. Email me if you are gonna participate:

Put ‘I’m in!’ in the subject line and I will send you my address. As soon as I get your letter, I will run to the post office and send you your goodie!!


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