NYC: Fashion Weak

I had such a great time this weekend in NYC with my Prince. That had to have been the best Valentine’s gift ever. We ate delicious food, saw Rent and spent some time outside of the Lincoln Center so I could experience a tiny taste of Fashion Week.

Fashion Week. The Comic Con of the fashion industry. I saw some of the most outrageous shoes, expensive handbags, beautiful hairstyles and lovely cameras that the industry has. I thought these women & men would look a bit more happy toting around 15k$ Birken bags and wearing Hermes straight off the runway.  I didn’t see that though. Don’t get me wrong, some folks were happy but the overall feel I got was quite sad. The women, desperately trying to walk in 6inch Manolo’s, were not only starving for food but attention.

I wanted to ask some of these people if they were truly happy, how much credit card debt they had, how much money they made, what they actually did for work and if they felt beautiful when they weren’t draped in Chanel.

I feel like this is what most of us are like. Desperate to be known, starving for attention, wanting to be loved. Some just chose to cover it up in a 5k$ Miu Miu cape.

This trip has really given me a new perspective.

Oh. And if someone gave ME a Birkin, you better believe I would be smiling 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts..


3 thoughts on “NYC: Fashion Weak

  1. I am so glad you said this, bre. We need a phone date. Ultimately fashion is a means to an end, not an end itself. These people got to the end of the rainbow, like we all do with whatever we think will make us happy, and there was no treasure. I have been thinking a lot about the reason we dress how we do, and what we are saying about ourselves as we put these things on our body, and it really encourages me to know that I’m not the only one.

    I love you.

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