The February Trade

Who loves treats?

I DO!! 

I love it when I go to a friend’s house and they are snacking on some random little treat that I have never heard of. I taste the morsels of goodness and wonder ‘why on EARTH had I not known about this deliciousness?!’ I get angry at God for a second contemplating that if He was a good and loving God, then why had He not pointed me in the direction that the particular treat was sold. But He is good and so we have February’s trade:

Send your favourite little random treat (please no ice doesn’t ship well) that you feel like only YOU know about and I will send you MY favourite little treat that I don’t think you have yet enjoyed. Send treats here:

Bre Chang~PO Box 220451 Chantilly, VA 20153

Send your treats quickly because I have a pantry full of______ and I just might eat them!! It would be great if you wrote a little story about how you came across this treat of yours. I will share with you the story behind my wonderful treat too!

Share this post. Get the treat. Mail the thing. Go!


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