More beans!

I love getting mail.

I especially love getting little treasures, so when I saw a package today from Washington State, I got really pumped. The Mean Bugs event (okay. I know it was suppose to be Bean/Mugs but I thought mean bugs was a happen little accident) was a lot of fun. I enjoyed reading your letters & trying your locally roasted espresso and I hope that you loved the mugs that I sent out.

I think I am going to do something like that every month. A little trade if you will. You send me something and I will do the same. I am really excited to announce the trade for February…I actually went out and bought the items that I am going to send out. I am dying to tell you!! How many more days…Two. I think I can wait that long..

Let me know if you have any other fun ideas for a trade. Is there something that you are just dying to share with the rest of us? Is there something that you would like from my neck-of-the-woods? (No Mom, you can’t have Bailey!)

Let me know!

PS. It’s nearly FEBRUARY!!!!


3 thoughts on “More beans!

  1. Man, I really wanted that Chi-town mug. I never got your address? Did I send you mine? I can’t wait for Feb’s trade! Blessings!

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