Sittin on the tarmac

I just realized the other day that I am going to be 30 years old in 8 months. At that realization, I got 50% beyond excited and 50% oh my gosh I have to get this life started. I was overwhelmed with a sudden urgency.

I got a little vision today. In the vision,  I was sitting in a plane that was ready to take off but our plane was waiting for some reason. You know that feeling you get when the pilot tells you that we are ‘just waiting for blah blah blah and then we will be on our way to blah blah’, which really translates into: ‘we might leave in 5min or it may take an hour so just chill out because we are all stuck on this plane and going nowhere.’ I snapped out of my little dream and immediately thought,

This plane is waiting for ME!

I am not yet ready. I need to find my seat, stow my bags and pull out the safety card in the seat back in front of me. I am holding up my own plane’s departure.

It is time I stop blaming those around me for my plane not taking off.

So I ordered 2 sets of business cards, return address labels, organized my closet, went to two auditions, did the laundry, made a ton of food, drank a kale smoothie, ordered new comp cards and sent out a thank you package and 4 mugs.

And the plane moved up just a bit..

What do you need to do TODAY so that you can get one step closer to your destination?


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