Europe: Chapter II

I have never been so excited to write a blog post. On our trip, I wasn’t allowed to blog/tweet/instagram/social media. I convinced my love to let me at least ‘check in’ to a few places. I knew this going into the trip so it wasn’t THAT difficult yes it was.

So, we got to Paris at like 5:30am, found a cab and took that straight to here:

I always thought that when I said my vows, it would be in a little cute church somewhere in the midwest, with all my friends and family. I would have about 5 of my favourite photographers shooting our big day and we would eat bbq and ice cream at the reception. I would wear a vintage dress and do my own hair/makeup. This was my little story. However, when you allow the Lord to write your story, it looks a bit different.

You sit on the steps of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur in Paris wearing jeans, a blazer & a scarf. You open up your iPhones and read the vows that you wrote to each other. You say ‘I do’. You are married. Just the two of you. No family. No photographer. No dress. No bbq. You walk down the millions of stairs to order crepes.

You are now Mrs. Chang.

And that is your story.


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