Moving again


I am moving yet again.This next move will be with my sweet daughter and my new, not yet, husband. Bailey and I will be moving in first to get acclimated and we will wait until my Prince and I get married until he moves in.

I really don’t believe this is real. I wonder how life would have looked had I begged the Lord to write a better story for my life years ago. I am thankful, however, that I gave it up a few years ago.

If I had one request of you, dear reader, it would be that you will not waste another year trying to make life happen on your own. You are a terrible & boring writer. I believe the Lord has an epic story for YOU! When I read my Bible, the theme that I see over and over again that God is crazy, up to good and He loves an epic adventure. I want to live a life worthy of reading. I hope you want that for your life too!

Why not prepare your heart now for what the Lord might be up to for next year! I beg you to fast & pray for 2012 and see if the Lord doesn’t write some epic pages.

Thanks for reading,



5 thoughts on “Moving again

  1. so excited for you!! thanks for sharing. you never know what other people are going through and how your words can help, encourage, and bring relief in the form of a good cry! May 2012 be your best year yet!!

  2. Congrats Bre! Sometimes we as human are our own enemies because we try to hold on to chapters GOD has already closed for us to be introduced to our New Beginnings.

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