What a trip

What a crazy awesome few weeks of travel & adventure. Last month, I was able to travel to Idaho, Missouri & Texas. I went to a beautiful wedding, had Thanksgiving with my family & met my future in-laws. It has been non stop travel and I am thankful to be sitting on my bed at home now.

This year has been a crazy adventure that I willingly signed up for. I can’ t believe 2011 is almost over. With just a few weeks left, I am getting ready for yet another trip.

I.Cant. WAIT!!

My Prince is taking me on a trip overseas. I have no idea where we are going. All I know is that it is a ten day trip and we leave on the 23rd. I also know that it is going to be cold. It has been about eight years since I left the country, which is WAY too long, and I look forward to seeing a foreign land with the one that my heart loves.

I never, in a million years, expected this year to end this way. A year ago, I was almost homeless and now I am engaged and about to leave the country. I blame the Lord for all of that. Through fasting & mourning, on my face before the Lord, HE has allowed my soul & my circumstance to drastically change. HE is the only way. There is NO way I could have written pages like this. HE is up to good.

Do you believe that? That the God of the whole earth is up to good for you life? Are you willing to allow your soul to go through what it needs to in order to get the promises that our Father has?


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