I have been thinking about all the random pages of my story that will never get published. The filler pages that no one really wants to read, but little paragraphs that I carry with me as I travel through the pages of my story:

1. The time that I was hanging out with my friend Toni in good ol’ Raytown, Missouri. We went to get into some trouble at a friends house and as I walked through the front yard to get to the house, I heard someone yell out the window from upstairs:


I never walk through people’s yards. Especially if they are black.

2. My family went to eat at this wonderful place called Grandy’s in KC. I was probably 10 years old. I accidentally left my purse there. I am not sure if I got the purse back, but the feeling of losing all of my little ‘precious’ things was horrible.

I have never forgotten my purse, keys or phone.

3. While in Jamaica, the group I was with went cliff jumping into a most beautiful lagoon.

I am scared of heights and big water (oceans).

I am also not the best swimmer and can only hold my breathe for about 4 seconds.

As I was mid air, I remembered all of these things.

I think this one sums up how I go about life:

Pray. Jump. Figure it out as you go. Make a beautiful memory. Don’t ever do it again. 

What are some memories that effect who you are today?


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