Coffee talk

Listening to Charlie Parker. Enjoying an iced latte. It is warmer than I like but I didn’t get the usual txt from God asking me what degree I would prefer him to set the thermostat at today. He must not have unlimited texts.

to my left, 3 white girls, all dressed completely different than the other. One in a bedazzled brown skirt with a brown bedazzled belt, those weird boots that are peep toes and sandals all in one. those just confuse me. it is as if the designer started with a boot concept and WHOOPS. we just ran out of pleather….so…do we just make it a sandal? then some goof said YES!! Brilliant!! I, however, do not think it is brilliant. It is just confusing.  She is also wearing a brown top. She is a white girl but seems to have just got back from a month in the Caribbean due to her skin that is browner than mine.  She looks kinda like a glorified Hershey’s bar. . She is drinking champagne. It is 4:00 by the way. The girl to her right seems to have just gone for a run. A bold number 13 hugs the back of her freebie t-shirt. Nike workout short in grey and pink, Asics shoes, leopard print glasses. Red nails. High ponytail with chunky blonde streaks. She is on her phone and telling what seems to be a very important story. The last wolf in the pak is in white shorts, a grey tank and flip flops. She is sipping champagne as well and has on brown glasses that are bigger than her tanned face. She has on a silver watch and a turquoise ring on the opposite hand.

There are white 2 men a few tables up. Both in khakis that make me bored just looking at them. One is in a yellow button down with a brown and orange hat and sun glasses. black shoes. black belt. black socks. black brief case. yawn. The other man is in a blue button down and he is a large man. They just got up and it took the larger blue man 3 strikes before he was out of his chair.

There are 2 more men at another table who look to be hispanic. I won’t talk much about them because I would rather talk about the black man who was sitting at the table in front of me. He kept looking at me as if we were playing a game where I was whispering his name and then looking down at my computer as soon as he heard me. I was not, however, whispering his name. I did not know him. I wondered if he knew that he had ink all over his shirt.

A guy just came out and sat down in front of where the wolf pak is sitting. He was here yesterday and we sat by each other and as I was desperate for an internet connection, I asked him if he was having trouble connecting to the internet as well. He said he was and that it had been like that all day. He has a macbook pro and now he is reading a book but I remember his mac from yesterday. He is drinking iced tea now and he has on reading glasses with orange side thingys why can’t i think of what the part of the glasses that go behind your ear are called… He looks to be from some foreign land but I can’t guess where. He has long hair combed perfectly into a low ponytail and a face that is carefully framed in facial hair. He looks smart and I bet he plays and instrument. Probably guitar. He looks like the type to ride a bicycle places and to hate corporations and probably be vegan. He is in a blue shirt, dark blue jeans and cool brown shoes.


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