I was on the basketball team?

There is so much to learn on this journey. Just when you think you are going along the roads of life all fine and what not, a dear friend comes along and shoots you straight. I am thankful for that type of person.

The type who won’t just run down the court with you and the ball of your  thoughts and emotion and feelings you just passed to them hoping they will shoot a 3 and the crowd will cheer, but one who will chest pass that ball right back to you while giving you the confidence to shoot your own shot. I don’t know if you knew me at all in high school but if you did, you are well aware that I was on the basketball team. Notice I did not say that I played basketball. I was, however, on the team  And if you were one of these who graced the halls of RHS with myself then you probably went to the biggest bball game of the year in which we play RSHS.

 Now, I am sure you did not really care to watch the JV girls but I bet you were there for our game. And…I know that you saw what I did in that game. I am shaking my head now in remembrance.  For the fellow readers not fortunate enough to have been there let me give you a quick, painful recap:

  well, since i never actually really “played” I was not used to game situations. hahah. i just sound stupid. ps. i only tried out for bball because i knew it would be a good workout in between track seasons. it had NOTHING to do with my love for basketball. this is kinda like how i wanted to join the Army because I knew basic training would be a good workout. what is WRONG with me people. anyways. so, of course i get put into the game with the last minute left on the clock. i am sure we were down by a few. i don’t remember details. WHY? because i was not paying attention to the game. when you sit on the bench every single game, you get used to this. you feel like i fan in a matching jersey and Jordan’s. so, back to my second most embarrassing moment, long story short, i somehow steal the ball and run to the opposite goal. I shoot and of course miss. no one was around me. 

i missed the lay up. don’t laugh. i mean. do you know what this does to a girl in high school!!!! yeah. messes you up. you get humbled really quick. and never get put in the game again. that was my one and only year of bball.  

Some of my friends are there to cheer me on, some are there to make sure my laces are tied and my jersey is tucked in, some are there to make sure I don’t go out for the team next season and others are there to make sure I never get the ball.

I love you all and am glad to call you friend.


2 thoughts on “I was on the basketball team?

  1. So weird…..I was just telling your pastor, who was visiting KC for some basketball thing, that I know nothing about basketball, except for the short time you played, or should I say “was on the team” in high school. I remember the incident well. Was proud of you anyway! Love the blog. You are such a great writer! Who knew?! Love ya, mom

  2. Can I commiserate and say that I played basketball in 8th grade and actually stole the ball and somehow ran down to my own court and shot and scored in my own team's basket instead of the opposing team. I heard everyone screaming at me and thought they were cheering me on instead of yelling at me to run the opposite way…there must be some lesson in here about ignoring advice and assuming the crowds are cheering when they're really jeering…talk about an embarrassing moment.

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