It Really makes me Happy when…..

I use the last of something
After I pay my toll and have that open space before the lanes start…I smile every time
I re-arrange a room in my home
I sprinkle sea salt on my food
I get home from a long day of shopping and forgot what I bought
I fill up a journal
The dishwasher and washer are going at the same time
I get a hand written letter in the mail
I find a treasure at a thrift store
I have a bangin hair day
The thing I go to the store to get is on sale
I eat ice cream
I cook for someone else
Bailey touches my face and says she she loves me
I come home on 50 and all the lights are green (this only happens after midnight)
I get really hot fries at McDonalds
People say, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like…” (Yes, I have gotten Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Prince and some famous boy but I don’t remember his name)
I use change
It is 62 degrees

2 thoughts on “It Really makes me Happy when…..

  1. all of those things make me remarkably happy too. there's nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with filling up a journal. And that open space after you pay the toll makes me feel like it's my chance to get ahead. I feel like I'm driving in Europe, for even just a second, or like it's me vs. all the other cars and I have to win. I love that feeling.

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