I will be watching the World Cup. I mean…….why not?
I know not much about futbol at all. i mean, i get the game but don’t really know the positions..midfield?

goalie? forward? is that it? but what i do know is that there are lovely men running around all athletic and sweaty and kicking a ball for a long period of time in which shirts come off and they hug each other

 or cry but it doesn’t matter because they look great. Oh, did I mention that most of them have some sort of an accent or don’t speak English at all!!!!! wow.There is something about a soccer player that is so different than the other sports. I can’t put my finger on it…keep it clean bre…keep it clean but whatever it is I am a fan.

 I think heaven might just have a soccer match going on. It will be eternity of the European Cup. Yes please. I am a believer. I WILL be in heaven. Jesus is my Lord and futbol is my sport of choice.


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