Well, it is June. One of my 3 least favorite months. The next 2 are on the way. I will be wearing V-necks all summer. I hate shorts but I think I will have to do it. Ya know how people get seasonal depression in the winter? I get it in the summer. I lock myself inside and blast the air. I am praying that GOD will change my angry heart towards summer.
I should get on a sand volleyball team or something. Something fun. Then maybe I will like it.
Guess it is time for my monthly vows to the month.
Last month I did a pretty good job of fulfilling those vows.
Vows to June:
Dearest June, 
Within the next 30 days that I must endure with you I vow to:
-drink a lot of water
-take Bailey to the pool a lot
-get new zed cards made and sent out to at least 10 agencies
-go to Kansas City and have too much fun
-go to Nashville
-get my BreezeStyling blog up and active
-spread the word about my business and get lots of new clients www.breezestyling.com
-work on TRUSTING the Lord
-read a couple of books
-beat some people in some sort of competition
-eat more ice cream
-get in the best shape of my life
-smile more
-pray more
-love more


One thought on “June

  1. are you really trying to come to nashville?!?kristen disalvo is coming to kentucky in early july and i'm hoping to meet up with her maybe in nashville!have you come here already??

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