My life feels so open right now. I feel like I can be whatever I want to be and live wherever I want to live and write whatever I want to write and sleep whenever I want to sleep.
As freeing as this may sound, it does come with some serious decision making if you read the last post you will know that I am great with making a decision. It just might not be the right one….but I will make one.
I think that sometimes, the Lord will lead us towards a certain decision or kinda give a “HEY, Over HERE!!” but that is not always or often the case, at least in my life.
There is a time when the Lord says, “Hey, you are a big kid now. YOU pick and I will bless you and shine upon you in that decision”.
Although the page of todays story was like the end of a chapter…like when you just have a few sentences on the page and then the rest of the page is blank..ya know..not a lot going on…A new chapter  is coming. That both excites and frightens me all at the same time.


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