An Epic Story

I am debating whether to make you laugh or ponder…..

Ponder it is-
Is there something in life that you want SO bad. I mean not like you kinda want something but like your heart or belly or closet physically hurts because for whatever reason you will never get it or at least not right now? If you have not ever felt like this then my heart is really sad for you because although it is a hard thing to go thru, it is a beautiful thing to go thru.
It motivates, gets you up in the morning and allows you to dream and think and feel beyond yourself and the mundane life that you may or may not feel trapped in. It makes for a bigger story. Like I said a few sentences ago, it can be a person or Chipotle or a watch.
There are a few of these things that I really want. I am re-reading a book that has drastically changed my perspective on life. Here an excerpt. Just read it:

And I found myself wanting even better stories. And that’s the thing you’ll realize when you organize your life into the structure of story. You’ll get a taste for one story and then want another, and then another, and the stories will build until you’re living a kind of epic of risk and reward, and the whole thing will be molding you into the actual character whose roles you’ve been playing. And once you live a good story, you get a taste for a kind of meaning in life, and you can’t go back to being normal; you can’t go back to meaningless scenes stitched together by the forgettable thread of wasted time. The more practice stories I lived, the more I wanted an epic to climb inside of and see through till its end”-pg155 Donald Miller A Million Miles and a Thousand Years.
I don’t know about you but reading that does something to my soul.  It gets me fired up and ready to dream and live and grow. I want an epic story to be the main character of. There is so much risk involved wanting that. And I am realizing that but accept the challenge. And because I have accepted heart hurts. Because sometimes in a story at the moment the character realizes what great mountain they get to climb, they realize all the pain and effort and time and lonely days it will take to get to the top. Every page is not exciting but remembering that every page gets you or myself one step closer to the end is satisfying for the soul.


One thought on “An Epic Story

  1. Wow, Bre, thanks for sharing the sentiments of my heart! I think I need to pick up that book. I have lost my passion, my zest of life. Just accepting the mundane, boredom that comes with living life in mediocrity and not living up to potential or even giving out the special gifting we have all been given. Thanks for writing…jvagrl

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